Chill Drill [Training Video]

Focus on staying “inside the railroad tracks” during this drill. You will be changing speeds to be efficient. You will notice several other basketball drills that have been shared to make this workout be effective. More Basketball Drills...

Two Ball Figure 8 Drill [Training Video]

Work on your speed and coordination with the two ball figure 8 drill. This is an intermediate ball handling drill designed to build hand speed and coordination. Start a Figure 8 Workout with your 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball and app to test your speed and...

Spider Dribbling Drill [Training Video]

The spider dribbling drill is drill designed to improve your hand speed and coordination. Using the 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball and app, practice using the Consecutives Dribbles and Dribble Power under Skill Training in the...

Figure 8 Basketball Drill [Training Video]

This is a beginner drill designed to improve hand speed and coordination. Focus on getting the ball low and changing hands fast. This drill is one you can always do – regardless of skill level – to improve your ball handling skills. Do you have the...


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