The only Smart Basketball for iOS and Android to help improve shooting and ball handling skills – fast. Tracks makes and misses, learns and adapts to any player’s skill level.

What The App + Smart Basketball Measures

Shooting Arc

Soften your shot for more consistency by learning to shoot with ideal arc.

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Dribble Intensity + Speed

Become more versatile by learning to dribble harder under pressure with either hand.

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Shot Release Speed

Increase scoring with more shot attempts by always shooting at game speed.

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Shot Backspin

Improve accuracy by developing a strong wrist for better follow through and a shooters touch.

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Product Comparison

The Other

Connected ||Smart|| Basketball
  • ✅ Shot Make/Miss
  • ❌ Rechargeable Battery
  • ❌ Over 95% Make/Miss Accuracy*
  • ❌ Shot Release Speed
  • ❌ Shot Arc
  • ❌ Shot Backspin
  • ❌ Shot Speed + Arc
  • ❌ Power Dribbling
  • ❌ Dribble Speed
  • ❌ Dribble Control
  • ❌ Works with Shooting Machines
  • ❌ iOS and Android Apps

* The Verge, “This smart basketball can calculate your shooting percentage for you” 9/17/15

Adding the SmartNet

Stop counting your makes and misses, 94Fifty will do it for you … and then tell you exactly why.

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What You Need

The 94Fifty App

The 94Fifty App is available for both iOS and Android. It connects seamlessly with the 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball and is jam-packed with features and games. Adapts to skills for players age 7+ to elite levels.

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The 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball

The word’s first smart basketball measures any forces applied to it – spin, acceleration, you name it. A full 360 degree view of the ball – and the player that moves it. The ball is going to give you data and feedback to your device that is smart, actionable and precise.

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Features included with the App + Smart Sensor Basketball

Instant Results

Instant results communicated to your device in milliseconds on every shot and dribble

Head to Head Competition

Automated, real-time scoring and leaderboards determine the winner for up to 5 players

Audio and Visual Feedback

Get realtime audio and visual feedback to correct flaws

Adaptive Workouts

The app adjusts as you improve and increases skill difficulty from playground up to pro level

Improvement History

Track daily and all-time bests. Sets goals for more than 50 drills and competitions

Add a SmartNet

The 94Fifty SmartNet

Add the 94Fifty SmartNet™ to your 94Fifty experience and add the ability to track shot accuracy with your Smart Basketball and App!

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…with the addition of the SmartNet

Track Shot Accuracy

Ability to track makes and misses automatically in shooting activities

Make/Miss Real-Time Feedback

Get realtime audio and visual feedback on shot accuracy

“94Fifty develops the skills that I look for when I recruit.”


94Fifty develops the skills that I look for when I recruit said Bill Self

Amazing Results

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